June 27, 2019

Veravas Featured in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

On June 27, Alex Wittenberg at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal published a profile of Veravas, highlighting both its long-term potential in the billion-dollar IVD market and the upcoming launch of its first suite of products.

“Veravas Inc., founded last year, says it's developed a novel technology with the potential to change the way conditions such as Alzheimer's and sleep apnea are diagnosed. If successful, the company, whose chief lab is in Oakdale, could make a splash in the billion-dollar in-vitro diagnostics market. But first, Veravas plans to take on a narrower issue with a product launch next month: the contamination of blood tests by biotin…”

Veravas is headquartered in Oakdale’s Incubology Center, an important hub for biotech and healthcare innovation in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region. The article included insights from Veravas Chief Scientific Officer Josh Soldo, who elaborated on the issue of biotin interference in diagnostic tests and the impact this can have on patients.

See here for the full article here, titled “Urine test for sleep apnea? Soon, says new Twin Cities diagnostics startup:”