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Our Biotin Ecosystem products address biotin interference at every level.

From biotin screening in samples to free-biotin depletion to alternative test designs, we offer solutions to the problem of false test results triggered by high dose biotin supplements or biotin therapy.

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VeraTest Biotin™ Screen for free biotin levels in 5 minutes.

VeraPrep and VeraTest are based on patent-pending technologies that selectively capture, clean, concentrate, and characterize multiple biomarkers. VeraGet a yes/no answer about biotin in a sample rapidly at the point-of-care.

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Evaluate VeraTest and VeraPrep Biotin in your lab.
The starter set includes:
Product #500010
VeraTest™ Biotin - 1 digital reader, 20 test strips, 2 bottles of buffer
List Price - $190
VeraPrep™ Biotin - 1 vial of reagent can pre-treat at least 20 serum or plasma samples
List Price - $199
VeraMag™ - 1 magnet for use with VeraPrep Biotin (non-disposable)
List Price - $89

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For Research Use Only

VeraTest Biotin™
Screen for free biotin levels in 5 minutes.

A portable, easy-to-use device that rapidly provides a yes/no answer on biotin levels greater than 15 ng/mL in samples.

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For Research Use Only

VeraPrep Biotin™
Remove free biotin from samples before analysis.

Rapidly remove interference-causing biotin from a patient sample.

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For Research Use Only

VeraBind Biotin™
Redesign lab tests with our proprietary antibody.

Our monoclonal antibody (mAb) has a very low binding affinity to free biotin.

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Our Process

Veravas proprietary nanotechnology enables the simple, efficient and cost-effective conditioning and characterization of human specimens to manage and mitigate a multitude of known sample specific interferences while also enriching low abundance biomarkers using our 6 C’s:


The sample is conditioned prior to the addition of nano beads for optimal biomarker binding.


“Ninja” nano beads selectively capture targeted biomarkers that form a complex.


The remaining sample is washed away leaving only the complex of interest.


The complex is resuspended in a smaller volume of clear liquid.


Biomarkers are selectively released from the nano beads into the clear liquid and the nano beads are left behind.


Multiple biomarkers are easily detected and can be simultaneously analyzed in a single test.

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Get VeraBind Biotin antibodies and begin redesigning your tests.

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