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VeraPrep Biotin™
Remove free biotin from samples before it interferes with results. 

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As many as 59% of immunoassay diagnostic tests on the market today use biotin in their assay design.1 Patient samples with free biotin from supplements, treatments or other health issues can trigger false results.

But now, VeraPrep Biotin can remove the problem before testing. It’s a sample pre-treatment reagent that rapidly depletes biotin levels that are analytically significant from samples.

  • The standard procedure (1:2 ratio of reagent to sample, 10 minute incubation) will remove up to 500 ng/mL biotin
  • The enhanced procedure (3:2 ratio of reagent to sample, 10 minute incubation) will remove up to 1,500 ng/mL biotin
  • The enhanced plus procedure (3:1 ratio of reagent to sample, 30 minute incubation) will remove up to 3,500 ng/mL biotin
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VeraPrep Biotin

Breakthrough Features

  • A simple protocol
  • Uses serum or plasma
  • Uses a strong VeraMag™ magnet to capture and remove free biotin
  • No sample dilution
  • Depletes biotin to < 1.0 ng/ml2
  • No centrifugation necessary
  • May reduce number of send outs
  • Shorter turnaround time than current methods
  • Reagent designed so it doesn’t alter the sample (No matrix effect)

When to use VeraPrep Biotin

  • As a reflex test, if VeraTest Biotin is positive, ≥ 15 ng/mL
  • Settings of uncertainty
  • When delayed testing isn’t an option such as in the emergency department
  • Renal disease where biotin clearance may be impaired
  • Biotin Therapy ≥100 mg/day
  • Over-the-counter biotin use ≥10 mg/day

VeraPrep Biotin removes biotin faster than other methods, with no dilution or centrifugation.

The VeraPrep Biotin difference
VeraPrep Biotin
Streptavidin Agarose
Deplete free biotin up to 500 ng/mL
Deplete free biotin up to 3,500 ng/mL
Yes, using enhanced plus procedure
Sample volume  *use more or less as needed
400 μL*
500 μL
Sample dilution
No dilution effect
10% dilution
Incubation time
10 min, using standard procedure
60 min
Centrifugation required
100% sample aspiration
Can be automated  requires a custom magnet
Total process time
15 min, using standard procedure
> 60 min

A proof-of-concept study demonstrated how VeraPrep Biotin can deplete biotin and rule in biotin interference.2

  • Samples were drawn from 4 patients to establish baseline levels of free biotin
  • The patients ingested high-dose biotin supplements and a second set of samples were drawn 1-hour post biotin ingestion
  • The PTH (parathyroid hormone) blood test, which is susceptible to free biotin interference, was run on:
    • The baseline samples (gray column)
    • The samples post biotin-ingestion (red column)
    • The biotin-ingestion samples after being cleared of free biotin by VeraPrep Biotin (green column)

VeraPrep Biotin removed the free biotin to within physiological concentrations (200–1000 pg/mL, or 0.2 - 1.0 ng/mL). PTH results, previously undetectable (< 1.57pg/mL) due to biotin interference, were recovered to within 95–113% of baseline. Biotin interference was correctly ruled in all 4 patients.

How to use VeraPrep Biotin

Read the VeraPrep Biotin flyer for more details.

Order a VeraPrep Biotin starter set to evaluate it in your lab.

See how quickly and simply VeraPrep Biotin removes interference, and prepare for use in clinical settings after FDA approval. You can also order additional VeraMag magnets.

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1. Earle W. Holmes, Shanika Samarasinghe, Mary Ann Emanuele, and Farah Meah (2017) Biotin Interference in Clinical Immunoassays: A Cause for Concern. Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine: November 2017, Vol. 141, No. 11, pp. 1459-1460.
2. Veravas, Inc. Data on file.