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VeraTest Biotin™
Find out if there’s free biotin in a sample in just 5 minutes.

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VeraTest Biotin is a portable and easy-to-use digital qualitative test that rapidly screens for biotin interference in settings of uncertainty. VeraTest Biotin provides a qualitative yes/no answer for easy interpretation — which is critical in a STAT environment such as an emergency department, where there’s an immediate need for accurate results when delayed testing is not an option.

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VeraTest Biotin

Breakthrough Features

  • Quick 5-minute protocol
  • Can be used on serum or plasma
  • 20 µL sample size
  • Determines if significant biotin, ≥15 ng/ml is present
  • Qualitative test: No detailed interpretation needed
  • Portable digital reader for easy use

VeraTest Biotin can be useful in settings of uncertainty.

  • When delayed testing isn’t an option
  • Renal disease where biotin clearance may be impaired
  • Biotin therapy ≥100 mg/day
  • Over-the-counter biotin use ≥10 mg/day
  • When it’s unclear whether any of the above is a factor

A study demonstrated VeraTest Biotin’s ability to detect biotin ≥15 ng/mL.1

Method Comparison Summary: LC-MS/MS vs. VeraTest Biotin
  • 54 patient samples with endogenous biotin values assigned by mass spec were evaluated with VeraTest Biotin
  • 23 samples with biotin ≥15 ng/mL by mass spec tested positive with VeraTest Biotin
  • 31 samples with biotin <15 ng/mL by mass spec tested negative with VeraTest Biotin

VeraTest Delivered

  • No false positives or false negatives
  • Positive and negative predictive value: 100%
  • Sensitivity and specificity: 100%
  • A larger study is underway with results coming soon

Simple, 5-minute protocol for a definitive biotin answer

1. Insert test strip into digital qualitative reader, timer will indicate

2. Pipette 20 µL of plasma or serum directly onto the test strip

3. Follow with 200 µL of assay buffer, included in the kit, which activates the 5-minute timer

4. Read results:

  • If result is Yes ≥15 ng/mL, the concentration of biotin may interfere with tests based on biotin systems
  • If result is No <15 ng/mL, the concentration of biotin is in acceptable range

How to use VeraTest Biotin

Read the VeraTest Biotin flyer for more details.

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Evaluate VeraTest Biotin’s rapid and simple protocol and results.

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1. Veravas, Inc. Data on file.