transforming laboratory medicine

our process

VERAVAS’ proprietary nanotechnology enables the simple, efficient and cost-effective conditioning and characterization of human specimens to manage and mitigate a multitude of known sample specific interferences while also enriching low abundance biomarkers using our 6 C's:


Multiple biomarkers are easily detected and can be simultaneously analyzed in a single test.


Biomarkers are selectively released from the nano beads into the clear liquid and the nano beads are left behind.


The complex is resuspended in a smaller volume of clear liquid.


The remaining sample is washed away leaving only the complex of interest.


“Ninja” nano beads selectively capture targeted biomarkers that form a complex.


The sample is conditioned prior to the addition of nano beads for optimal biomarker binding.

our products

Our products will both improve the sensitivity and the accuracy of existing tests for diagnostic companies, research facilities, academia, reference labs, hospitals, and even the military and direct to consumers. Here is a quick look at our initial line-up of products for 2019.

VERAPREP Clean Interference

Removes multiple interference substances from patient samples including HAMA, HAAA, heterophilic interference, RF, assay specific interferences, and biotin

VERAPREP Clean Biotin

Removes biotin and human anti-Streptavidin interference from
patient samples

VERATEST Characterize Biotin

Rules In/Out biotin interference from patient samples

VERAPREP Sleep Apnea

Will target multiple biomarkers for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in children and adults as Research Use Only (RUO) reagents

VERATEST Characterize Interference

Identifies the type(s) and mechanism(s) of interference present in a sample




future products

And coming down the pipeline we have additional products that will leverage our VERATEST platform in the near future

VERAPREP Primary Collection Tube

Potential Standard of Care to eliminate interfering substances in the collection device prior to any vendor’s diagnostic test

VERATEST Sleep Apnea

Urine-based test for OSA in children and adults as an alternative to sleep studies


Urine-based and blood-based tests for heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, and ultra-sensitive cardiac troponin

VERATEST Alzheimers Disease

Blood-based test for Alzheimer’s Disease as an alternative to cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) testing

VERATEST Blood Infection

Simultaneous identification of major bacteria from whole blood without the wait for blood culture to rule in/out bacterial infection