Transforming laboratory medicine.

Veravas raises the standard for clarity in diagnostics with breakthrough solutions for interference issues.

Healthcare professionals rely on diagnostic tests. But 2% or more of tests can be inaccurate due to interferences in blood or urine samples — and every 9 minutes, a patient dies because of incorrect or delayed diagnosis.1

At Veravas, we’re transforming laboratory medicine with innovative technologies that reduce the effects of complex interferences in patient samples. We’ve created ways to measure and remove targeted substances in samples — beginning with biotin.

Our interference detection and depletion technology

VeraTest™  technology

VeraPrep™  technology

Detect the presence of an interference-causing substance in a sample

Pre-treat a sample to remove an interference-causing substance and rule in/out whether it is clinically significant

Our Biotin Ecosystem products address the fastest-growing interference issue.

The number of people taking over-the-counter, high-dose biotin supplements for health and cosmetic reasons is growing 20% annually worldwide.2 Biotin-related testing interference is also rising, which puts patients at risk of misdiagnosis, inappropriate patient management,3 or adverse events.4

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VeraTest Biotin™  

Rapidly screen samples to identify biotin levels greater than 15 ng/mL

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For Research Use Only

VeraPrep Biotin™  

Remove biotin and confirm interference

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For Research Use Only

VeraBind Biotin™  

Proprietary antibody for use as an alternative to anti-biotin antibodies and streptavidin-based reagents

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