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Our work on COVID-19 testing.

Veravas has focused our R&D efforts to develop two novel COVID-19 testing solutions.

Neutralizing antibody test to detect and quantitate antibodies that potently neutralize SARS-CoV-2 by binding to its surface and blocking entry into a person’s cells. Our antibody test is being developed to support vaccine development and vaccine efficacy testing.

Saliva-based rapid antigen test to detect SARS-CoV-2 in only 10 minutes to determine if a person is infected and shedding virus. Our antigen test will be inexpensive, fast and easily scalable to over 30 million tests per month for both high throughout CLIA lab and point-of-care use.

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One Core Technology. Multiple Applications.

VeraPrep™  technology


Rapidly captures potentially damaging interferences, allowing the cleaned sample to be reliably tested using existing methods


Rapidly captures low abundance biomarkers, allowing the enriched sample to be tested using existing methods

VeraTest™  technology


Identify captured biomolecules or multiple interferences

VeraTest™  technology

VeraPrep™  technology

Detect the presence of an interference-causing substance in a sample

Pre-treat a sample to remove an interference-causing substance and rule in/out whether it is clinically significant

Sample Pretreatment Platform

Veravas’ proprietary sample preparation technology enables the simple, efficient, and cost effective conditioning and characterization of specimens to manage and mitigate a number of known sample interferences prior to the subsequent enrichment of low abundance biomarkers using our 6C’s:


Our Biotin Ecosystem products address the fastest-growing interference issue.

The number of people taking over-the-counter, high-dose biotin supplements for health and cosmetic reasons is growing 20% annually worldwide.1 Biotin-related testing interference is also rising, which puts patients at risk of misdiagnosis, inappropriate patient management,2 or adverse events.3

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Evaluate VeraTest Biotin and VeraPrep Biotin in your laboratory.
The starter set includes:
Product #500010
VeraTest Biotin - 1 digital reader, 20 test strips, 2 bottles of buffer
List Price - $190
VeraPrep Biotin - 1 vial of reagent can pre-treat at least 20 serum or plasma samples
List Price - $199
VeraMag™ - 1 magnet for use with VeraPrep Biotin (non-disposable)
List Price - $89

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VeraTest Biotin™  

Rapidly screen samples to identify biotin levels greater than 15 ng/mL

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For Research Use Only

VeraPrep Biotin™  

Remove biotin and confirm interference

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For Research Use Only

VeraBind Biotin™  

Proprietary antibody for use as an alternative to anti-biotin antibodies and streptavidin-based reagents

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Our dedicated team can answer your questions and help you with biotin-interference issues.

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2. FDA Safety Communication, November 28, 2017.
3. Transparency Market Research, July 3, 2018
4. Shanika Samarasinghe, Farah Meah, Vinita Singh, Arshi Basit, Nicholas Emanuele, Mary Ann Emanuele, Alaleh Mazhari, and Earle W. Holmes (2017) BIOTIN INTERFERENCE WITH ROUTINE CLINICAL IMMUNOASSAYS: UNDERSTAND THE CAUSES AND MITIGATE THE RISKS. Endocrine Practice: August 2017, Vol. 23, No. 8, pp. 989-998.