transforming laboratory medicine

our vision

Veravas™ is a diagnostic company transforming the practice of laboratory medicine by leveraging a breakthrough sample prep technology called VeraPrep™. The technology addresses some of the most pressing challenges facing today’s laboratory testing methods while being accessible and affordable. Our strategy is to use science-based innovation to rapidly commercialize high medical value products that detect low abundance biomarkers, facilitate the development of low-cost multiplexing tests, and reduce the effects of complex interferences.

tomorrow's diagnostics, today

the problem

Every nine minutes, someone dies due to an incorrect or delayed diagnosis. Physicians rely on diagnostic tests to guide treatment, but 2% or more of tests can be inaccurate due to multiple interferences in blood or urine (e.g., Biotin in blood tests). Biomarkers found in the body can be used to detect, predict, or manage diseases, but many are found in too low an abundance to be detected today using commercially available tests. There is an unmet clinical need for new diagnostic technology that prepares clinical samples to improve testing accuracy, measure hard to find biomarkers, reduce costs, and ultimately save lives.

our solution

VeraPrep and VeraTest are based on patent-pending technologies that selectively capture, clean, concentrate, and characterize multiple biomarkers. VeraPrep is unique because it pretreats human samples to (i) remove many complicating factors that can interfere with test results, (ii) capture low abundance biomarkers and (iii) concentrate target analytes to create large improvements in sensitivity over existing methods. VeraTests ability to multiplex will significantly reduce the cost of diagnostic testing.